Consultancy Notice – National Carnival Expert

Under the Global Environment Facility (GEF) Programming Directions for its 8th replenishment cycle, a specific allocation has been made available to prevent or eliminate hazardous chemical pollution from the supply chains of fashion and construction, as well as significantly improve the environmental sustainability of these sectors. The programme entitled Eliminating Hazardous Chemicals from Supply Chains was approved by the GEF Council during the 64th GEF Council Meeting in June 2023 (GEF ID 11169) with global participation from eight (8) countries (Cambodia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, India, Mongolia, Pakistan, Peru, Trinidad and Tobago).

This global integrated programme seeks to address environmental degradation from globally significant supply chains through the sound management of chemicals and waste. The programme is intended to be the catalyst for integrating actions across several environmental dimensions to create clean, circular, regenerative, and transparent supply chains that drive innovations in new materials, methods, and policy.

To complete the work associated with the Project Preparation Grant (PPG) phase of the project, the BCRC-Caribbean is seeking to engage a suitably qualified individual consultant as the National Carnival Expert.

Open to: Individuals based in Trinidad and Tobago
Expected Start Date: 1st February 2024
Language: Applications must be submitted in English
Deadline: Wednesday 17th, January 2024 at 11:59 pm (GMT-4)

Please click the link below to access the Terms of Reference which details the required scope of services, qualifications, application criteria, and submission requirements, for this application.

Applications must be sent to on or before the deadline.