UPDATE (18/11/2016): Please note that Addendum #1 to the Invitation to bid is now available on our website.

NOTICE CHANGE OF VENUE FOR PRE-TENDER MEETING: A pre-tender meeting for clarification purposes shall be held at the Hilton Trinidad & Conference Centre in the Hibiscus Room on Tuesday 15th November, 2016 at 10:00am. Intended bidders are required to register to attend the pre-tender meeting by Friday 11th November, 2016 by notifying Mr. Richard Laydoo at [email protected] For Consultants that do not reside in Trinidad and Tobago, virtual participation in the meeting may be arranged once registered.

An Invitation to Bid package is available now on our website https://www.bcrc-caribbean.org/what-we-do/invitations-to-bid/ or for collection at the Centre.