Other Projects and Activities

Other Projects and Activities

The BCRC-Caribbean is responsible for executing several regional projects within the Caribbean under the Chemicals and Waste Management agenda; however, we understand and recognise the importance of executing and, in some cases, serving as a key stakeholder in smaller projects that allow us to work closely with our member states to achieve goals relating to the Chemical and Waste Multilateral Environmental Agreements (MEAs).

Beyond the national and regional efforts, the BCRC-Caribbean also participates in international efforts under the Conventions we serve to contribute to knowledge sharing and the Environmentally Sound Management (ESM) of Chemicals and Waste.

Further to serving as the executing agency or key stakeholder, we work to ensure our core functions of technology transfer and awareness-raising are met by hosting workshops and webinars featuring regional and international experts in the Chemicals and Waste field.

We have included a list of the other projects and activities that we are currently engaged in, and we will update it as new projects and activities are added and completed.

List of Other Projects and Activities