Replacing single use plastic commodities in the economy of Suriname

In July 2021, the BCRC-Caribbean in collaboration with the Suriname Waste Management Foundation (SUWAMA), kicked-off the project entitled, “Replacing single use plastic commodities in the economy of Suriname” which aims to assist Suriname in finding alternative solutions to deal with plastic at the source.

This year-long project is part of the Basel and Stockholm Conventions’ Regional Centre Small Grants Programme (SGP) on Plastic Waste, which aims to improve the management of plastic waste in partner countries and contribute to the prevention and significant reduction of marine pollution. The project objectives will be accomplished through the following six (6) activities:

  • Activity 1 – Stakeholder consultation workshops
  • Activity 2 – Establish a baseline inventory of single use plastics (SUPs) in Suriname
  • Activity 3 – Run a pilot project to replace SUP bags with bags made from newspaper and reusable cloth bags at stores in Paramaribo
  • Activity 4 – Create three (3) zero-plastic high schools
  • Activity 5 – Prepare recommendations report and implementation plan
  • Activity 6 – Present proposed recommendations and implementation plan to decision-makers

Since the inception of the project, work for Activities 1 – 3 has been progressing smoothly and with schools now reopened in Suriname, work under Activity 4 has just started. If you are interested in learning more about the project and the work done from July to September, please view the project newsletter: Newsletter – September 2021

The next project newsletter detailing the work completed during October through December 2021 will be shared early next year.

The BCRC-Caribbean thanks SUWAMA, the Ministry of Spatial Planning and Environment in Suriname and the Secretariat of the Basel, Rotterdam and Stockholm Conventions and stakeholders for their support on the project thus far! We look forward to continuing working with project partners and stakeholders for the rest of the project.

To learn more about SUWAMA, please see their website: