Consultancy Notice – Development of a promotional video

The BCRC-Caribbean, in collaboration with the Suriname Waste Management Foundation (SUWAMA), is currently executing the project entitled ‘Replacing single use plastic commodities in the economy of Suriname’.  

The project is part of the Basel and Stockholm Conventions’ Regional Centre Small Grants Programme on Plastic Waste that aims to improve the management of plastic waste in partner countries and contribute to the prevention and significant reduction of marine pollution and is being funded by the Norwegian Agency for Development Cooperation (Norad). The project aims to help Suriname seek alternative solutions to deal with plastic waste, particularly waste created by single use plastics through seven (7) project objectives.  

One of the objectives involves running a pilot project at stores in Paramaribo to replace single use plastic bags with bags made from newspaper and reusable cloth bags. These more sustainable bags will be promoted through a promotional video and as such, the BCRC-Caribbean and SUWAMA seek to engage a suitably qualified service provider in Suriname for the development of said promotional video. 

Open to: Submissions are open to Suriname residents only. 

Updated deadline to apply: Interested bidders are invited to apply by submitting a cover letter, a financial quotation, their curriculum vitae (CV) and samples of past work on or before 11:59 pm (Trinidad and Tobago, GMT – 4) on October 11, 2021. 

Terms of Reference: BCRC_Video Development in Suriname_TOR