In February 2016, the BCRC-Caribbean commenced the Mercury Storage and Disposal Project in the Caribbean: Jamaica, Suriname and Trinidad & Tobago, funded by Norway ODA. The project serves as a catalyst in the action towards ratification of the Minimata Convention on Mercury. It aims to enhance the technical assistance provided to countries in search of environmentally sound storage and disposal for mercury, identified as a priority of governments.

In order to carry out the components of the project, stakeholders were engaged in national workshops held in May and June 2016, in each participating country. The workshops aimed at developing an inter-agency committee in each country, developing detailed inventories of mercury waste streams and reviewing national work-plans. Stakeholders included those from the artisanal and small-scale gold mining (in Suriname), mineral extractive industries such as bauxite (in Jamaica), oil and gas industries (in Trinidad) as well as those from governmental bodies and the dental profession.

Stakeholder participants from the Jamaica National Workshop

Dr Haydi Berrenstein- Coordinator for the Environment, Office of the President of Suriname addressed participants at the Suriname National Workshop

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