The United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO) hereby invites the submission of written bids for the “Supply of a High Efficiency Sterilization System” for the “Demonstration project for environmentally sound management of medical waste in Belize to reduce releases of unintentionally produced POPs (uPOPs)” under the overall GEF Funded project for the “Development and Implementation of a Sustainable Management Mechanism for POPs in the Caribbean” (GEF 5558).

The Instructions for the Preparation and Submission of Bids, Technical Specifications and all supporting Tender documents can be accessed by visiting the UNIDO website ( and/or the United Nations Global Marketplace (UNGM) website ( ).

To ensure consideration, your complete detailed bid must be submitted via the UNIDO e-Procurement portal: by September 4th, 2020, 16:00 hours Vienna CET. In this regard, it is highly recommended to access and familiarize yourself with the system well in advance of the submission deadline.

Please also review the Bidder Access Guide and a screenshot on where to log in. If you are not able to access the system and for any system-related issue, please contact [email protected] for assistance.