BCRC-C Stockholm Convention 2017 COP Meeting Updates

BCRC-C Rotterdam Convention 2017 COP Meeting Updates

BCRC-Caribbean Brief on the 2015 Meetings of the BRS COPs for the Caribbean Region_APRIL 2015

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BCRC-Caribbean Country Report – Hazardous Waste Management in Trinidad and Tobago

BCRC-Caribbean Info Sheet – Waste Management in a Green Economy

BCRC-Caribbean Paper 2012 – Synergistic Approaches to Waste & Chemicals Management in the Caribbean

BCRC-Caribbean Summary Document Rev. 2.0 June 2012 Controlling TBM of Hazardous Wastes

Decions of the Basel Convention COPs on the function & operations of the BCRCs

Minimising Hazardous Wastes_A Simplified Guide to the Basel Convention

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The Role of Competent Authorities and Focal Points under the Basel Convention