The Global Partnership on Waste Management (GPWM) is an open-ended partnership for international agencies, governments, businesses, academia, local authorities and NGOs. GPWM supports the development of work plans to facilitate the implementation of integrated solid waste management at national and local level to overcome environmental, public health, social and economic issues inflicted by waste and its impact.

The Partnership aims to complement existing work in the area of waste with a holistic approach which is a noted gap in waste management at large. It will support to undertake policy dialogues and other activities to exchange experiences and practices, and it will contribute to enhance the funding base available to support waste management and coordinate external financing, while reducing transaction costs by putting together both financial and technical resources to tackle identified challenges at local, national and sub-regional levels. For further information on the GPWM, please visit its website.

In this form, you will be asked to provide contact information, specify your areas of expertise and the way in which your organization would like to participate in the partnership. In joining the GPWM, you can either participate in one of the existing sponsored focal areas or lead a new sponsored focal area yourself. At present, the focal areas include:

  • Integrated solid waste management (ISWM);
  • Electronic waste (e-waste);
  • Waste agricultural biomass;
  • Waste and climate change;
  • Marine litter; and
  • Waste minimization