The Basel Convention Coordinating Centre, Stockholm Convention Regional Centre for Capacity Building and Transfer of Technology hosted by Uruguay (BCCC-SCRC) is executing activities within the framework of the UNEP/GEF project Integrated Stockholm Convention toolkit to improve the transmission of information under Articles 07 and 15 (GEF ID 9884) and the UNEP/GEF projects “Review and update of the national implementation plan for the Stockholm Convention on Persistent Organic Pollutants (POPs)”.

For supporting the execution of the above-mentioned UNEP/GEF projects, BCRC-SCRC requires assistance to deliver advisory services and assist Parties to the Stockholm Convention in the development of the POPs inventories and in reviewing and updating their NIPs, and to provide technical support in the development of the modules of the integrated electronic toolkit and for updating the projects web pages, reflecting among others, the projects achievements.

In this regard, the BCCC-SCRC is seeking to contract a suitably qualified and experienced Environment Expert for the aforementioned project.

The Terms of Reference is available here: BCCC-SCRC Environment Consultant TOR

Applicants are required send their Curricula Vitae (CVs) by email to BCCC-SCRC: [email protected] no later than 4:30 p.m. on Friday November 27, 2020.