The BCRC-Caribbean staff would like to extend our congratulations to Dr. Ahmad Khan as he begins a new chapter as the Director of the Institute of Marine Affairs (IMA), Trinidad and Tobago!

During Dr Khan’s seven year tenure as Director of the BCRC-Caribbean (September 2011- February 2018), he brought new life to the organisation as he worked tirelessly to expand the Centre’s role and led a multitude of projects aimed at enhancing the Caribbean’s chemicals and waste management initiatives- ranging from the large-scale such as the project “Development of Sustainable Mechanisms for the Management of POPs in the Caribbean” involving eight Caribbean countries; to the national pilot project scale “Development of a Waste Oil Management Strategy in Trinidad and Tobago”. These projects all have exciting and promising opportunities for the Caribbean.

We at the BCRC-Caribbean wish to thank Dr. Khan for all of his support and leadership throughout the years and though we will miss him dearly, we know that he will continue to have a positive impact at the IMA; which was the organisation where he started his enthusiastic career in environmental management.

All the best to you Doc!